Things are not as they seem.

I had acquired a supply of KSSSS (Koh Samui Super Strain) also known as Psilocybe Samuiensis Thailand, a particularly potent magic mushroom.

As those who are aware already know, there is no way I will be able to describe the entirety of this 7-hour shroom trip. …

I come bearing bad news

In case you haven’t noticed, things have been pretty weird lately.

Covid-19, people wearing face masks, the rise of nationalism and fundamentalism, purposeless jobs, incompetence at all levels of society, all while ineffectual people everywhere shrug their shoulders at the most heinous of injustices.

This is not by accident. It goes with the territory, or more precisely, these behaviors go with…

The loaded words “targeted individual” don’t begin to cover the hell I’ve lived through

I have been held semi-captive, a political prisoner, a victim of psychotronic harassment on and off for 25 years.

My unknown assailants had always made empty promises before. Usually for the same One Million dollar prize offered by the Amazing James Randi for proving the existence of paranormal phenomena. Of course, they, like James Randi, would never pay up. They always lied.

After all, the methods they were using…

The dark forces of hatred, ignorance, and lies gather to consume me.

Please forgive the following emotional rant. It’s been perhaps the worst day of my life and I have nowhere to turn. I just need to get these words out.

Today was the day of America’s final controlling narcissistic attack against me.

Their final assault against my person for complete domination over my life. They have been creating trauma for 25 years. Like…

In a Battle for my Eternal Soul, a Dangerous & Evil Organization of Narcissists that Runs America has Pushed Me Beyond My Breaking Point

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write about narcissism again.

Every time I do, no matter how unread my articles are, I suffer some form of attack. Apparently, not writing only empowered them with a feeling of impunity and invulnerability. This last 2 months has been the most horrific in my tumultuous life by far.

Work is starting to get…

Is it possible a hostile A.I. is already here?

We are already living in a world filled with primordial artificial intelligence.

We have yet to develop artificial intelligence, which is conscious and self-aware, just one step away and barely distinguishable from having a human soul.

Considering the vast amount of very real human and planetary history we overlook, it seems entirely plausible, if not even likely that an advanced alien artificial…

Reincarnated God seeks advice.

I don’t know how many other gods are out there.

I mean, over years several people have been promoted to Godhead over the centuries especially in India and Egypt.

If reincarnation is true, then several of us gods have reincarnated.

Perhaps some of us even came to America. God knows, they were probably looking to get away from their followers like me.

I don’t quite remember when I woke up to the knowledge of my godhood.

In some important ways, I feel like I was…

Innocence proclaimed, my demon tormentor assaults me all the same

No one will help, The voices in my head.

My tormentor, won’t leave me alone.
I showed mercy. I showed kindness to everyone.
I was repaid with contempt.

I showed restraint when given the option to be petty and vengeful.
Against my own desire, I took the higher road.

I was repaid with the insane vindictiveness of an evil…

The Extravagant Roadside Resort & Lodge: A Hotel Review

At first glance, the Extravagant Roadside Resort & Lodge may look a bit sketchy.

It’s location under an overpass in its depressed east downtown location between a Burger King franchise and a similar In-n-Out 24 hour hourly hotel do not truly accentuate how dilapidated this “roadside resort” actually is. Upon closer inspection, it is actually very, very sketchy.

The attached boarded up restaurant was…

Exacerbating working-class resentment

35 years ago, upper-middle class America insisted that everyone needed a college education.

Everyone. No matter their family background. No matter their future plans. It was the social engineering bandwagon of the time. No one could question this plan.

I was born of “part-time gas station attendant” and “unemployed” according to my birth certificate. A lower-class blue-collar background. My 17-year old father was…

Markus Scorelius

Mark is an avid reader, passionate and curious researcher on various topics. Writer of Creative Fiction and Thoughtful borderline non-fiction.

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