Recognizing the Earth’s and humanity’s place in the bigger picture.

Alien spaceship crashing in the desert.

26,000 years later.

Why bother acquiring knowledge and experience when others have stubborn assumptions and opinions.

Sleeping audience at boring business seminar stock photo. Or, My prognostication for Friday.

As a former teacher, I spent the better part of nearly 2 decades delivering information to people.

Maybe people will finally listen if I say the opposite of what I believe.

People for the last 25 years or so, do the opposite of what I advise.

It’s midnight in America. We have become the opposite of ourselves.

Photo by Alessandro De Bellis on Unsplash

I made 5 trips out of my home one Saturday night to people who don’t live at addresses that don’t exist.

It’s getting late. Shouldn’t you have handed your planet over to me by now?


I remember when I was supposed to be the anti-Christ, the head honcho of the whole formerly free world.

Breakthrough biologic treatments for targeted populations are on the horizon, but ethical issues and current disparities limit our potential.

Female scientist working in CDC laboratory.

Precision medicine makes inroads into clinical trials through Precision Promise.

Nacirema (American spelled backwards) is the study of looking at America as it is, a backward country with a weird illogical culture.

An average fearful American biting his nails.

Here are some concepts that too many Americans accept as fact:

  • The CEO earns his salary. CEOs have been robbing their workers of salary increase for 50 years while increasing their salaries by a factor of 500.
  • Corporations are people. People have souls. Corporations do not. People are mortal. Corporations have the possibility of achieving immortality.
  • What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. No, what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, more vulnerable to the next infection, which could kill you.

You shouldn’t depend/rely on anyone but yourself in life.

  • As our forefathers did? Pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. It’s ironic how the party of fundamentalist religion accepts the premise of applying Darwin’s theories to society, but…

Priceless Musings of a Reluctant Telepath, Jaded Clairaudient & Scientist including Alien Contact

Universal Mind Royalty Free Stock Footage

Scientist is my day job. I won’t be discussing that here.

The psychological wounds inflicted by my sperm donor.

Photo by Yawer Waani on Unsplash

Silent all these years.

The blame game is wearing me down.

Changing Shame to Blame Dice

Oh, you’re busy doing other things? You’ll get back to blaming me later? Okay, got it.

Markus Scorelius

Mark is an avid reader, passionate and curious researcher on various topics. Writer of Creative Fiction and Thoughtful borderline non-fiction.

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